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History & Profile

Nikon Imaging Company now introduces a new brand statement, aiming to foster a special sense of affinity with our customers. This brand statement is to be adopted worldwide along with Nikon’s brand symbol.

A New Statement from Nikon

“At the heart of the image”. That’s where the challenge is, and Nikon dares to take it on.

Each and every person has a unique sense of the world - joy, sorrow, wonder, hope... and infinitely more. The image can capture these nuances of the heart, vividly expressing them in the visible world. Imaging shows us the world in a whole new light, and this, in turn, can profoundly influence our lives. And so the images has a limitless power to inpire the human spirit. For Nikon, there is nothing more compelling than the potential of the image to express the riches of human experience. Our hearfelt desire is to continue to explore the potential. At Nikon, we consciously strive to refine our sensibilities. This process is the key to creating new value for the image - and the secret to inspiring you to realize all the aspirations of your heart.

Three Promises of the Heart

"At the heart of the image" expresses Nikon's three promises to the world.

Nikon Promise #1 - Be True to the Heart

Nikon will deliver the essence of the image. Nikon has been developing world-leading imaging technology for decades. The result is the reliability and quality that you have come to expect from the image. Imaging requirements change with each new era, but the essentials remain the same. At Nikon, we think you still want the image to make memories, to give you a window on discovery, and to enhance your creativity. As a company of professionals in the art of imaging, Nikon will always stay true to the essential value of the image - the promise of reliable quality. This is the solid foundation that enables us to continue to meet all your imaging needs.

Nikon Promise #2 - Ignite the Heart

Nikon will inspire a new passion for life with the image. The global acclaim enjoyed by the F Series and other Nikon Products is the world's stamp of approval on Nikon's unceasing efforts to defy every limitation. Needless to say, this proud spirit of challenge lives on in the digital age. At Nikon, we believe that you want imaging to add dynamism and energy to life. You want to use imaging for self-expression, to stay connected with others, and to explore your own potential. Take Nikon's unparalleled image quality and functionality. Add design that's a true delight for the hands and eyes. Top it off with services that help you share the wonder of the image with others. There's no doubt that Nikon imaging will continue to inspire life with a passion.

Nikon Promise #3 - Invent for the Heart

Nikon will make the world’s dreams for the image come true As the demand for imaging constantly evolves, what is required of Nikon is clear. Our mission is to know what you want from imaging today and tomorrow, and to empower you through images to realize your dreams. For Nikon, that means taking the lead in defining new value for the image, and then delivering that value to you. There's boundless hope in the heart of every person. We understand why you look to imaging to provide avenues for exploration and innovation - and even to give you a glimpse of the future. At Nikon, we take pride in our revolutionary thinking and commitment to constantly improving our technology. Combine these two virtues, and you have the fuel for our ongoing quest to create new value for the image. And that's the kind of passion that can make dreams come true.

New Brand Symbol

Basic concept

Incorporating design elements from the former brand symbol, which have come to embody trust and quality, the new brand symbol expresses Nikon's pursuit of infinite possibilities within the domain of light: from research, design and manufacturing to services and customer relations. The new symbol conveys an unleashing of the power of imagination turned into actual Products and services for Nikon customers.

Brand symbol

The "sequential rays" motif conveys the feeling of infinite possibility. The new graphic treatment symbolizes Nikon's mission to unleash this potential through customer experience. "Nikon" logotype and yellow brand color have been retained as the important visual elements that enjoy a globally-recognized association and are synonymous with high quality and trustworthiness.